domingo, 6 de mayo de 2007

Ava y Pablo

Ava and her parents, Charlotte and Aaron were in Minneapolis. Aaron was particularly proud of Minneapolis being number 5 in the ranking of best cities in the world (universe?). Like her father, Ava loooved Minneapolis. The big giant cherry spoon is simply irresistible. And so is Pablo, who wouldn´t leave Ava alone...

[Warning: Aaron's persistent verbal expression of love for the city elicited some strong language from others. Parental discretion is advised.]

1 comentario:

Sabrina dijo...

Es IN-CRE-I-BLE!!!!!
las pilas que tiene pablitoooo!!!!
Corre más rápido que muchas de mis amigas cuando nos toman resistencia xen el cole!!!!! Trmendooooo!!!!!

Y si, yo soy la única que firmaaaaa.....

No se pueden quejar...jajaja!!!!

Los extrañamos.



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